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  • We currently have 8 projects operating all over Namibia and helping animals on a daily basis.

  • Since the charity's establishment, over 20,000 feral cats and dogs & cats from low / no-income families across Namibia have been sterilised and vaccinated.

  • Thousands of dogs and cats have been helped with booster vaccinations and emergency treatments after injuries, accidents, and illnesses. We have seen tremendous improvement in the condition of dogs and cats (body score index) after their spay or neuter operation countless times. 

  • Every year we increase the number of animals helped. In 2022, over 3,600 dogs and cats were sterilised, vaccinated, and treated against parasites. Our 2023 goal is set at 3,800 dogs and cats helped by the end of the year.

  • Children's educational booklets from the Global Alliance for Rabies Control, as well as the Namibian 'Pako' children's magazine, have been distributed to children in many towns across Namibia.

  • In 2017 and 2020, Have a Heart Namibia was shortlisted for the Global Alliance for Rabies Control Africa Rabies Day award.

  • We have teamed up with a number of other animal welfare charities to amplify our reach, enhance our efficiency, and inspire a collective momentum for positive change. Recently, we teamed up with UNAM University of Namibia for the One Health project at Oshakati State Hospital.

  • Several Have a Heart volunteers have been awarded a Rotary Community Service Award for excellent community services.

  • We receive fantastic feedback from owners, the public, and the media in Namibia, Have a Heart is a highly respected, valued, and wanted project.

  • We have permanently improved and impacted the lives of many dogs, cats, owners, volunteers, and caring people.

Operational Plans and Problems

  • Our aim for 2023 was to assist at least 3800 dogs and cats in Namibia, and we are on track to far exceed this goal. We have already expanded into four new areas this year, and the numbers indicate a successful year ahead.

  • Expanding our reach through mobile clinics: In 2017, we partnered with the first mobile clinic in Namibia, allowing us to cover a larger area and reach more remote villages and settlements. However, it became evident that multiple clinics operated by different vets are necessary. We have made progress in this area, with two vets purchasing mobile clinic trailers to extend their reach. Additionally, two more veterinarian teams are interested in working with mobile clinics. Our plans to achieve this goal by 2023 or early 2024 are underway.

  • Education: We aim to increase public education and outreach, particularly for children. We have established a partnership with PAKO Kids magazine and developed an educational program for school visits. However, we face funding challenges that need to be addressed to further implement our educational strategy.


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