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Donate now & set tails wagging once more!

A vet for my village: turning Animal Welfare into reality through your support.
Behind every animal sterilised, treated and vaccinated is someone like you.


Have a Heart Namibia 

Sparkasse Südholstein 

DE 74 2305 1030 0511 5558 07 



Have a Heart | Bank Windhoek

Acc: 2000266940 Outjo 481 673


Ewallet: 0811249033

PayToday: Have a Heart Namibia


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Have a Heart is the only spay project helping nationwide. We bring help directly to the animal. Here's our "Have a Heart" wish list:


US$37 / €35

You'll welcome one dog or cat into the Have a Heart family with operation, vaccination and parasite treatment!


US$8100 / €7350

You can sponsor a new mobile clinic with your name or logo, making a lasting impact on hundreds of dogs and cats in Namibia!


US$135 / €129

You'll embrace two male and two female feral cats as Have a Heart family members!


US$22000 / €21000

Your generous donation will fund the salaries of two full-time professionals dedicated to fundraising, PR, and administrative tasks for an entire year. This investment will propel Have a Heart to the next level, expanding our ability to help more animals for another decade, ultimately benefiting thousands of dogs and cats in the years to come!


US$375 / €340

You'll unite ten dogs and cats as cherished members of the Have a Heart family!


US$902 / €830

A spay day will be held in your honour to welcome 25 dogs and cats to the family!

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Thank you for considering making a difference in the lives of Namibia's animals!

Thank you!

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Every cent goes straight to the dogs and cats we help!  We are volunteer run.

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Thank you so much for your support!

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