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How and by whom is HaH Operated?

Have a Heart-Namibia is governed by a voluntary committee of 7 members and directors, audited annually as per Namibian law. Ground operations are managed by 9 managers, overseeing specific towns and teams, with guidance from a leading manager and assistant. Our dedicated volunteers, with us since inception, have been instrumental in our success. Despite challenges, including Covid-19 impacts and the passing of our founder, our resolve remains strong. We value our volunteers and maintain a safeguarding system for their well-being and others. We operate cost-effectively, provide excellent animal care, and adapt to changing circumstances and challenges. Our team's cultural understanding ensures effective communication and community engagement.


Since its founding in 2012 by Lindie Prinsloo in Outjo, Have a Heart's impact has grown significantly. With the support of dedicated volunteers and veterinarians, the organization's fundraising efforts gained momentum. In 2013, Have a Heart successfully organised its first Spay Days in various towns, including Outjo, Otjiwarongo, Kalkfeld, Windhoek, and Rehoboth. Resulting in assistance provided to 447 animals, but it was immediately apparent how big the demand for such services by responsible dog and cat owners in Namibia was and still is!

Recognising the tremendous demand for such services by responsible pet owners in Namibia, Have a Heart continued to expand its reach over the years. As more volunteers and veterinarians joined the cause, the number of towns where Spay Days were conducted and the number of animals spayed, neutered, vaccinated, and treated against parasites steadily increased.

When the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Have a Heart remained committed to supporting pet owners in need. People were losing their job, homes and families - we were determined they wouldn't lose their loyal pets or have additional mouths to feed with puppies and kittens! Teaming up with additional veterinarians, Have a Heart provided vital help during difficult times. We teamed up with more vets, and together we were able to help over 1800 dogs and cats during 2020 and in 2021, over 2700 dogs and cats!

Now, in 2023, Have a Heart has set an ambitious goal of helping ten dogs and cats every day with spaying or neutering. Thanks to the unwavering support of responsible pet owners, local and international donors, hardworking veterinarians, and dedicated volunteers, this goal is becoming a reality. Together, we are making a significant difference in the lives of animals and their owners, creating a brighter future for everyone involved. There is no doubt that Have a Heart has improved the life of thousands of dogs and cats and their owners during the past 10 years. And with your support and donations, hopefully will for another 10 years and more to come!


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