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Good afternoon, our Knowledge and Bruno are still in good health, all thanks to you, we love you dearly!

Carla & Bianca

We are happy to have contributed in a small way and will continue to support your efforts.

Many thanks to everyone on your team for the love, long hours and genuine care for the less fortunate dogs and cats throughout Namibia. You are making the difference. Keep up the great work and soldier on.


Thank you so so much! Without Have a Heart Namibia will be much worse off!


I read about the amazing news that another 220 loving pets will benefit from this wonderful initiative of Have a Heart. You all do such an amazing job.

DRs Beukes and Dr Nel

Being part of the solution to unwanted puppies and dogs in poor condition in rural areas. Actually going back to these areas and seeing the change in dogs quality of life is a big motivator. Have A Heart makes this all possible.


Great work for cats who cannot help themselves. You make a difference!

With your support the world will become a better place!

Children have the right to grow up in a violence free world. By providing free veterinary services, you support caring owners being able to make the best decisions for their pets.
Young girl holding her puppy
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