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Happy stories - only possible because of your support! 

Last year, three community leaders reached out to us for help, and we were so excited to lend a hand. After securing the funds, Dr. Winterbach, vet nurse Sheelagh, Moira, David and other volunteers visited Arandis, Spitzkoppe Village, and the Kuiseb Topnaar community. The spay days were awesome, with everyone coming together to care for their furry friends! We’re absolutely thrilled to connect with these amazing communities and can not wait to go back and see the improvement of the dogs and cats health status. Support Have a Heart to make this possible!

We have so many stories about Namibia's fantastic dogs and cats and their owners we would love to tell you. Below is a tiny part of the wonderful people we have been able to meet over the past ten years, thanks to your donations and support. There is one fact that counts for every single dog and cat that has become part of Have a Heart: they are all loved, valued, respected and forever a member of the Have a Heart family!

food bowl
Cat being operated in Drimiopsis

We recently received another heartwarming story from Drimiopsis, one of the poorest communities in Namibia.


Drs. Beukes and their team from Gobabis generously decided to make the trip to Drimiopsis and offered the community Have a Heart’s assistance. Drimiospis is one of the poorest communities in Namibia and medical care is so needed. And wanted! By supporting Have a Heart with a donation you can make miracles come true:


The response was overwhelming, with over 30 dogs and cats brought to the vets by their caring owners within just two hours. It’s clear that there is a tremendous demand for help, and we’re grateful to be making a positive impact in these communities! Hopefully we will be able to return soon!


During a spay day in Swakopmund, this little boy came to the mobile trailer with his cat for her spay operation. Not having a transport box, she was safely secured in a blanket with a plastic bag. Ensuring a cat can't escape in an unfamiliar area is essential. Running away between unknown dogs can have devastating consequences! 

When it was the cat's turn to be operated on, the little boy was so worried he couldn't stop crying. After the procedure was explained to him and when he noticed he could stay close to his cat during the whole event, especially during the recovery phase, he was still worried but calmed down. 


All went well, and after the final check-up by the vet team, the little boy and his best friend could go back home together. We are sure the bond between these two best friends grew even stronger through this experience! And by being able to support young animal lovers like this boy, you not only help a cat but also a child who is part of the future of animal welfare! Thank you!

Little boy holding his cat wrapped in a blanket and plastic bag ready for spay day
Mariental impromptu spay day

In Mariental, Dr. Erna planned a small spay day, hoping to pick up a few dogs and cats before lunch.


However, to her surprise, within minutes, over 18 cats and eight dogs were brought to her car by responsible owners!


 The demand for assistance was so overwhelming that she had to regretfully decline more animals as her car had no more space.

By supporting Have a Heart with a donation, you will become part of the fantastic community caring

about the dogs and cats in Mariental!

Be kind and make good choices! 
Together we are making a difference!

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